Pakistan Cannot Win In a Traditional War With India: Imran Khan 

Pakistan Cannot Win In a Traditional War With India: Imran Khan - Sakshi Post

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted that Pakistan could not win in a traditional war with India, in an interview given to Al Jazeera Media. He further added that after losing in the conventional war the nuclear war cannot be dismissed and if two nuclear-armed nations like India and Pakistan get into a war, it is necessary to decide whether to accept defeat or fight to the death for freedom. The Prime Minister stated that Pakistan will always choose to fight to the death for freedom, and war between these countries will result in a disaster that would go way beyond the Indian subcontinent.

Imran Khan added that he always opposed war and Pakistan would never choose to start a war. He further said that he believes that wars do not solve any problems. Khan said that they have been approaching the United Nations to act on India's move of scrapping article 370 and avoid war like situations between India and Pakistan.

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