Washington: The US government has imposed a huge fine of Rs 21 crores on Japanese airlines for causing inconvenience to passengers for four hours.

According to reports, the US government has ordered Japan airlines to pay $ 3 lakh (about Rs 21 crore) as passengers had to spend a few hours in a plane standing at the airport, due to delay in the flight. The plane, which flew from Tokyo to New York on January 4 this year, landed in Chicago owing to technical snag. Passengers, including the airline staff, had to wait more than four hours.

Similarly, on May 15, a Tokyo-New York flight was diverted to Dulles Airport in Washington for filling the fuel. Passengers, who were deeply annoyed by this, arrived at the destinations after waiting for the first five hours.

The US government has expressed its disappointment at Japanese airlines for its negligence towards passengers and ordered them to pay a fine of Rs. 21 crores. To this end, the airline will pay $ 60,000 in fines to compensate passengers who faced discomfort due to delay in planes.

Similarly, if such mistakes are not repeated for a year, the airline will be able to recover $ 100021 from the fine. The Japanese airline said that the flight was diverted due to adverse weather conditions and did not intentionally cause any inconvenience to passengers.

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