WhatsApp Fwd Of The Day: Natural Remedy For Viral Fever

Natural Remedy For Viral Fever - Sakshi Post

*In view of heavy viral fever taking a toll of thousands of adults and children in Mumbai*

A simple remedy will show miraculous Results.


Turmeric & dark jaggery


Take 3 big cups of water in a vessel.

Put half to 1 tsp of turmeric(haldi)

Boil on sim for 10 mins.Till only half the water remains.

Add 1 tablespoon of dark jaggery

Stir well.

Pour it in a cup.

Drink it hot or warm slowly.

At Least every 8 hrs or 12 hrs.

Just within a day or 2 any viral or bacterial fever extreme sore body back aches headaches deep cough cold will be cured safely with no side effects.

Disclaimer: This is a WhatsApp Fwd published as is. Please use your discretion before any self medication. It always helps to consult a doctor if symptoms don't subside after a day's natural medication.

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