Is Pak Planning A terrorist attack on India By Releasing Jaish Leader? 

Is Pak Planning A terrorist attack on India By Releasing Jaish Leader? - Sakshi Post

Pakistan is planning strategies to launch a terrorist attack on India. Pakistan which is very angry with the Indian government’s move to scrap Article 370 has started deploying additional troops near Rajasthan’s border as part of their action plan against India.

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has reported that Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist chief Masood Azhar has been secretly released from prison two days back. IB has warned Indian forces to stay alert in Punjab, Rajasthan, and Sialkot areas along the Indo-Pak border. IB predicts that Pak is on the verge of retaliation against India.

IB asks the Military forces to stay alert as Pakistan is recruiting army troops and terrorists along the Line of Control (LoC) in its bid to provoke India.

The IB said that Pakistan released Masood Azhar to direct Pakistan-inspired terrorists to launch an attack on India. Masood Azhar has been arrested and sent to jail after the United Nations forced Pakistan to have him arrested. Pakistan at first pretends to suppress terrorism in the international community and resumes to act with the negative forces secretly.

After scraping of Article 370 the situation between both the countries has become worsened. Pakistani President Imran Khan has openly said that they would support Kashmir and would be ready for war with India if necessary. He also said that they will soon take revenge on India. The Army and Defense personnel, receiving information from Indian intelligence agencies, have increased security at the border and the troops were alerted along (LoC).

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