Do You Know The Difference Between Unfurling National Flag On Independence Day And Republic Day? 

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New Delhi: It is the 73rd Independence day for India. The Prime Minister hoists the flag at the Red Fort and also addressed the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Across the nation, the national flag have been hoisted to commemorate the day. But, there is a difference between hoisting the flag on Independence day and unfurling it on Republic Day.

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We bring to you three differences between flag hoisting on Independence and Republic Day:

1. On Independence day, the national flag is tied and sits at the bottom. The Prime Minister then raises it up and unfurls it. The motive is to honour the historical event of August 15,1947. Whereas on Republic Day, the flag remains closed and tied up on the top, which is then unfurled without pulling it up. This is to mark that the country is already independent.

2. The second difference is the Prime Minister hoists the flag on Independence day as the head of the government. On Republic Day, i.e., on January 26, the President attends the event and as the first citizen of the country, the president unfurls the flag.

3. The third difference is that of the location. The Independence day is celebrated and the flag hoisting takes place at the Red Fort in New Delhi. The Prime Minister addresses the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort. While the Republic Day is celebrated at the Rajpath in New Delhi. The President unfurls the flag at the Rajpath. Artillery display, three forces march, tableau of the states are taken out for the Republic Day Parade at the Rajpath which becomes the centre of attraction for the day.

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