Muzzafarabad: There is a range of opinions as the entire country now debate over the Centre's decision to abrogate Article 370. Shouts of joy on one end and sense of despair are the most common reactions one can witness over the Union government's 'historic move'.

Never have anyone thought like this BJP lawmaker from Uttar Pradesh did as what would come about in the aftermath of the Kashmir's decision. In an event organised locally to celebrate the end of Article 370 and by corollary Article 35 (A), BJP MLA Vikram Saini said that now young party workers of his party, who were bachelors could now marry "fair-complexioned beautiful girls" of Kashmir. His misogynistic views were caught on the camera and currently going viral.

"The workers are very excited and those who are bachelors can get married there. There is no issue now. Earlier, there was a lot of atrocities on women. If a woman from Kashmir got married to a man from Uttar Pradesh, her citizenship would be revoked. There was different citizenship for India and Kashmir," the lawmaker says in Hindi in a clip widely circulated on social media.

Continuing with his as to what portends for India, he says: "Muslim workers should celebrate. They can get married to fair Kashmiri girls. There should be celebrations. Everyone should celebrate, be it Hindus or Muslims. This is something the entire country should be celebrating."

Do watch it for yourself the clip of UP's BJP MLA

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