Chandigarh: From general public to celebrities, everyone is being taken for a ride by cybercriminals. Recently, Punjab Chief Minister wife Amarinder Singh and MP Preneet Kaur were cheated by cybercriminals. She is believed to have lost 23 lakhs after answering a call from a fraudster who pretended to be a bank manager. Police identified and arrested the accused based on a complaint filed by her.

As per reports, an anonymous person called Congress MP Preneet Kaur, when she was on his way to attend Parliament sessions, and introduced himself as the bank manager and sought details about her bank account to update her salary account. Believing him, Preneet Kaur gave him her account number, ATM pin number, CVV number and OTP too. A few minutes later, she got a message that stated that Rs 23 lakhs had been debited from her account.

Immediately, she approached cyber crime police and filed a complaint. The police traced the accused in Jharkhand and arrested him.

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