New Delhi: Sushma Swaraj, the name epitomizes a powerful woman as is being hailed by leaders from across the political spectrum. The power they are talking about here is different from what you think. She had to power to be approachable to people, she had the power to pass on positive vibes, put a smile back in the lives of those in distress. It was her composure even in the toughest of circumstances that made her stand out from the rest of the other ministers who worked in the MEA.

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She was hands-on when it came to putting the common citizens at ease. all it required for an aam aadmi was just one tweet to draw her attention to their problems. She would take personal interest in getting the problems addressed in quick time. One of sushma's biggest achievements is making MEA which was once viewed as a diplomat's privilege to a grievance cell for common people.

The cases of mute-deaf Gita who returned home from Pakistan and Uzma who was rescued from the clutches of her captors goes on to show sushma dealt with sensitive issues. Gurpreet, a victim of abusive marriage too reached out to Sushma over Twitter after she was stuck in a German refugee camp. The BJP stalwart was quick to respond and ensure her safe return. This way, she eased the burden of several NRIs who were stranded on foreign shores because of some problem or the other.

Sushma's quick resolution to such problems also gave PM Modi the much needed NRI support. One of the most active politicians on social media with huge fan following, Sushma turned Twitter into a powerful platform where any common man could write in to her seeking solutions and on her part, Sushma was always on her toes and more than willing to help till she saw the end of the problem.

Another area she specialised in was facilitating medical visas for foreign nationals irrespective of the country, seeking treating in Indian hospitals. By doing so, she touched the lives of scores of human beings who to this day remember her with gratitude.

In fact Mumbai man Hamid Ansari who had to spend in Pakistan jail for three years for illegally entering the neighbouring country via Afghanistan likens Sushma to his own mother and says that she will always stay alive in his heart.

Talking of her glorious political career, Sushma's oratory skills are often compared with the likes of Atal Behari Vajpayee. Her colleagues too remember her as the warmest individual with no-nonsense approach to work. She was a thorough professional who had even pulled up a passport official for harassing an inter-faith couple.

Besides, Sushma was known as one of those rare leaders who shared a great rapport with everybody, irrespective of the party they belonged to. She was skilled at building bridges with he opposition. With her humanistic approach to work, Sushma has set a huge benchmark for her successors in MEA.

In fact, her successor EAM S Jaishankar wrote the whole nation grieves, the Foreign Ministry even more so.

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