Varanasi Sisters Same Sex Marriage Sends Shock waves In Temple Town

This is probably the first same-sex marriage in Varanasi (Pic courtesy: IANS) - Sakshi Post

Varanasi: In a bold step, two cousin sisters here in Uttar Pradesh married each other against the wishes of their families. The girls then posted a photograph of their 'marriage on the social media which sent shock waves in the holy city.

This is probably the first same-sex marriage in Varanasi. The girls, residents of Rohaniya, reached a Shiva temple on Wednesday and asked the priest to perform their marriage. The priest refused but the girls kept sitting inside the temple till he relented.

The girls, clad in jeans and t-shirts, wore a 'red chunni' and got married. By the time the marriage was solemnized, a huge crowd had gathered at the temple. The girls left before any untoward incident could take place.

Some people criticized the priest for solemnizing the marriage. The priest later told reporters that one of the girls belongs to Kanpur and was staying with her cousin here to pursue studies. (IANS)

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