Where Are The Cars Disappearing From This Bridge? 

Screengrab - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Many a time we come across videos on social media that leave us baffled. A latest optical illusion video has gone viral which has left netizens confused.

The video tweeted by a user named Daniel shows cars on a bridge seemingly disappear as they drive off the bridge.

He captioned the video, "Yes, the traffic just disappears." The video has been viewed 63,000 times.

The video has baffled everyone with many comparing it with the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

But, here's what it is all about! One Twitter user explained that the the bridge was not actually a bridge but a regular road and the 'river' was the roof of a parking lot that the cars were driving onto.

Another user said that the video has been shot from the second floor of the building, while the first floor is the roof and the ground floor is the underpass of the building.

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