Chennai: Committing bigamy might be against the law and doing so could even land a person with seven years of imprisonment. But a man from Tamil Nadu appears to have gotten away with marrying two of his girlfriends simultaneously in a temple.

Going into the details, a 19-year-old woman of Tirupur district has been missing since May 29th. Based on the complaint filed by the woman's father, the police began the investigation.

Upon gathering the information that the woman was noticed at the bus station with a young man, the police caught hold of both of them on Wednesday morning. However, they were accompanied by another young woman, who insisted to tag along, hence the police brought all the three to the police station.

The young man was identified as an auto-driver (26) from Dharapuram and the two young women were from the same area.

According to the police, the man simultaneously was in a relationship with two women residing in the same area, without their knowledge. Soon, the relationships became public and the two women confronted the auto-driver, who attempted to cut ties with both of them.

However, as both women demanded him to marry them, he accepted without any hesitation. Without informing any of their family members, the trio left their homes and left for Palani. The auto-driver exchanged garlands with both the women and tied the mangalsutras pronouncing both as his wives at a temple in Palani. When they were heading towards Coimbatore, the police apprehended them.

The police summoned the family members of both the families to the station for discussion. The families were extremely upset about learning about their marriage. However, the two women refused to give up on their husband and decided to continue their marriage which left the police with nothing much to act on. Even though Bigamy is a serious offense under IPC section 494, the police cannot take action against the offender until a complaint is registered against him.

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