Here’s What Narendra Modi Did Just Hours Before Swearing-In

The new Display Picture - Sakshi Post

Just Hours before the swearing in ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose to give himself a fresh new representation on social media. After sweeping the whole nation clean with his victory, Narendra Modi took the oath of being the Prime Minister of the Country for the coming term at the National Capital.

While the whole country has been celebrating Modi’s win, a slightly lesser known change was made on Narendra Modi’s facebook page. The display picture (DP) for the Narendra Modi official Page on Facebook was changed just hours before the swearing in ceremony. A slight change none-the-less but this shows that even though it is the same person taking on the seat of the Prime Minister, it’s a fresh new face, a new charisma and a a whole new start.

Likes and comments flodded the picture. Congratulatory comments were the majority of the peoples comments, which in a way was having direct access to wish him.

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