“First time I used digital camera in 1987 or 1988… then a handful of people had email. At one of the public meetings of (LK) Advani ji in Gujarat’s Viramgam, I had a digital camera. I took a photo of Advani Ji and transmitted it to Delhi. He was surprised and said how did my colour photo appear today,” This is what the Prime minister Narendra Modi told to a leading media house at an interview, and the internet have not left the chance to hit back with trolls and comments.

The Prime Minister had to get a Fact check from the people of twitter, stating that Email Had not come into play until 1995. Although With the digital cameras claim, it was stated that Nikon came out with the digital camera in 1987.

Earlier tehre was a statement made by the Prime Minister about the timing of the Balakot strikes. A whole olitical row had brokenm out about this.In this interview, PM Modi had outlined how the government had decided to go ahead with the strike at Jaish-e-Mohammed’s biggest terror training camp despite a cloud cover.

These comments triggered a series of reactions from the people of the opposition party. The BJPs Twitter handle was not left alone when they tweeted out the statement soon after the Prime Minister had said it. They later deleted the tweet.

On February 27, the Indian Air Force had carried out the airstrikes at the Jaish camp deep inside Pakistan. The government said the strikes were designed to destroy the training camp of the Jaish-e-Mohammed for the Pulwama suicide bombing 13 days earlier. Forty CRPF soldiers were killed in the February 14 bombing, the deadliest terror attack on security forces in Jammu and Kashmir in three decades.

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