Journalist Taseer Of Time Magazine Labelled Congress PR For Criticism Against Modi

Author of the “India’s Divider in Chief” article Aatish Taseer’s Wikipedia page was vandalised after his write-up touched a raw of Modi’s supporters  - Sakshi Post

The Time Magazine’s cover story in its latest issue published a story calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “India’s Divider in Chief” with his picture alongside has drawn extensive media coverage. The magazine has obviously touched a raw nerve of Modi and the BJP’s supporters. Overzealous Modi’s supporters took to internet and repeatedly edited the Wikipedia page of journalist Aatish Taseer, the author of the write-up. Under career section, Taseer is referred to as “currently serving as the PR Manager of Indian National Congress” which in reality is utterly false.

A Twitter user Chowkidar Shashank Singh, apparently a supporter of BJP and Modi, tweeted the following: “So this guys Aatish Taseer works as PR manager for Indian National Congress. No doubt Time magzine has lost their credibilty and has become mouthpiece of Leftist.”

Shashank Singh’s tweet was retweeted 500 times along with the screenshot of Tasser’s Wikipedia pointing to the latter’s affiliation with the Congress Party. This was basically done to portray Taseer as a supporter of Congress party.

As a result of the “persistent disruptive editing” of Taseer’s page, it is now “protected”. This means that the contents of the page have been locked against further malicious alteration.

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