Gleeden is an extramarital dating website, ‘primarily marketed to woman,’ they say, that originated from France. They have come up with an interesting study based off their users in India. According to them over 91,800 men and over 42,300 women have registered on their website making it a whopping total of 1.35 lakh. Although the company refrained from sharing numbers from other states they have confirmed that the city of Bengaluru, by far, has made it to the highest, bestowing the sash of the ‘Infidelity Capital’ of India, they say.

While a leading Bangalore daily chose to target the number of women, by using the headline ‘Women seeking extramarital affairs in Bengaluru’ while completely ignoring the fact the number of males using the website are double the number.

Although nationally, the particular site has not been marketed to be public, it only seems to the people from outside that people in Bengaluru got to know of the website through word of mouth. Now taking the city’s IT influx into consideration, we can say that the ratio of working men to working women is a lot more in favour of the women more than most cities. The numbers of people coming in these days out-weigh the number of locals in the city as well. Prakash Belawadi, actor, journalist while giving a comment to the same local, refrained from commenting at first, as he questioned the authenticity of the said website/app. But later said that in a population of 1.2 crore, I’m not surprised that 1 lakh people are having Extra Marital affairs.

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