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Aaditabh Gupta - Sakshi Post

The All India Open Challenge of Ice Figure Skating was held at iSkate, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. The Event took place in association with the Ice Figure Skating Championship with 30 participants spread from all across the country which was categorized under several age groups viz under 10, 10-13, 13-15 and 15-17.

The key highlight of the program was the performance of Aaditabh Gupta who won the Gold Medal in Under 13 (Boys) Category. His skating skills, body movements, postures, elements, jumps, flexibility and spins were extraordinary and perfectly matched to the notes of the music. The audience was taken aback by his performance and choreography making it exemplary and highly praiseworthy.

The last time he won a gold medal was in the XIth National Ice Skating Championship 2015 and All India Invitational Real Gold Skating Championship 2016. Speaking to his then Coach, Simrita Sahney said that Aaditabh has inborn talent and flair of Skating. She exceptionally focuses on his movements and postures and pushes him to perform with vigorous vitality and energy.

“I have been doing skating since I was 2 and a half years old. My entire childhood revolves around it with the best memories. I started as a Roller Skater but with time I shifted to Ice Skating. Ice Skating is something I’m extremely passionate and driven about.” says Aaditabh Gupta, 11-year-old, Gold Medalist and Ice Figure Skater

His mentor, Mr. Jagraj Singh Sahney had been titled as Figure Skating King in 1980 and has guided his way up always. Nischay Luthra is an All Time National Level Champion and has undertrained himself in the USA by world-class coaches and institutes in Miami, Minnesota and Dallas for his Advance Training.

“I owe this achievement to my recent coach, Nischay Luthra. His advanced and international learning’s of innovative techniques has also made me progress of my already existing capabilities.” further Aaditabh says

While concluding he says “My achievements are nothing without the support of my mentor, Mr. Jagraj Sahney and coaches, Simrita Sahney and Nischay Luthra. And of course, nothing is possible without the relentless support and unconditional love of my parents. I owe a lot to all of my loved ones.”

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