Protests Erupt At Punjab University After Girls Forced To Strip Over Sanitary Pad

Students stage protests at the University - Sakshi Post

Bathinda: Protests erupted at the Akal University in Punjab after girls in one of the campus hostels were allegedly asked to strip by the warden. The incident took place last week.

As per the news report by ANI, the warden wanted to check among the girl students as to who dumped a used sanitary pad in the hostel washroom, hence asked them to strip to find out which of the girls was menstruating.

Following the incident, a large number of students staged protests at the campus on Tuesday. The University Administration sacked two security guards and two hostel wardens in this connection.

In a similar incident last year, a few students at a government girls' school in Fazilka district in the state were stripped by teachers. The incident took place for the same reason by the teachers who wanted to check which girl was menstruating after a sanitary pad was found discarded in the school toilet.

A video clip of the incident also went viral on social media. Some girls were seen crying in the video, complaining of teachers' stripping them on the school premises in Kundal village. The video sparked outrage across the nation and the matter was brought to the notice of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, who asked the Education Secretary to monitor the investigation personally and provide him with the final report.

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