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Ignorance might be a bliss in life but certainly not when it comes to your heart. While a human heart might be the size of a fist, the amount of care it requires is a handful. With respect to the sedentary lifestyle at present that has largely taken over, resulting in increased stress levels, unhealthy eating habits leading to diseases. The maximum side-effect of this living has been on one's heart that has been exposed to huge risks of suffering. Even after consistent awareness regarding the risk involved with the current lifestyle, the number of people enduring heart attack is only increasing and a lot of time due to ignorance.

More than any other illness, every minute counts when it comes to heart attack. Thousands of heart cells die every minute the blood flow is stopped in the coronary artery. If the blood flow can be restarted within the golden hour i.e. the first hour after the onset of a heart attack, the effects can be reversed.

Recently Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal came across a 43-year-old man Sameer (name changed) who experienced chest pain at noon. Assuming it to be gastric, he applied some ointment and took rest. Though the night went off with slight discomfort, he got up without any pain the next morning. However, right before he had to leave for the temple, a severe pain in his chest arose, one like he had never experienced before. He rushed himself to the hospital in a cab and reached in a conscious stage.

Sameer had no background of any disease and had normal BP as well as sugar. On observation, his ECG showed heart attack and he was planned for emergency coronary Angiogram. During preparation he went into Cardiac arrest which was immediately identified and myself along with Dr. Sunil. and the team of doctors were well prepared, the patient was successfully revived after 40 minutes of CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) according to ACLS Protocol said Dr. Mahesh Mylarappa, Consultant Emergency Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal.

The alertness of the patient to reach for medical assistance on time and the appropriate arrangement the hospital provided by correctly anticipating the situation in this case, ensured the revival from a heart attack that could have otherwise turned very serious said Dr. Sunil Kumar S, Consultant- Interventional Cardiology, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal.

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