Chai Kaisi Thi: Wife Asked When Abhinandan Called From Pakistan   

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New Delhi: Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman and his wife shared a light moment over the phone while he was in the custody of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence.

Tanvi Marwah is a former Indian Air Force helicopter pilot and displayed exemplary confidence and courage while dealing with the situation.

Tanvi got a call from Pakistan, which showed a Saudi number. She was taken aback when she heard her husband's voice on the other side. By then, she had understood the role of ISI and thought it best to record the conversation.

The conversation began by asking how he was. She also asked him what to tell their children about his whereabouts. To which, Abhinandan replied, "Tell them Papa is in jail".

What came as a surprise was the joke two of them shared. Jokingly, she quizzed him how was the tea that he was having at the custody.

Tanvi: “Chai kaisi thi (how was the tea)?”

Abhi: “Achhi thi (it was nice).”

Tanvi: “Mujhse bhi achhi banayi (was it better than how I make it)?”

Abhi: “Yes, it was better” (chuckles)

Tanvi: “Phir recipe lete hue aana (then bring back the recipe)."

Officials point out that the Pakistan Army had resorted to the classic 'bad cop, good cop' tactic while dealing with Abhinandan. While one punched his ribs, another came in and made him speak to his wife.

Abhinandan was captured by the Pakistani Army on February 27 after his MiG-21 Bison jet was shot down in a dogfight with Pakistani jets during aerial combat. He downed an F-16 fighter of Pakistan before his plane was hit.

He was released on the night of March 1 by Pakistan.

After he was captured, Abhinandan showed courage and grace in handling the most difficult circumstances for which he was praised by politicians, strategic affairs experts, ex-servicemen, celebrities and people in general.

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