Congress president Rahul Gandhi was in Chennai at Stella Maris College recently where He requested a student to refer to him as ‘Rahul’ and not ‘Sir’.

This girl started her question saying, ”Hi sir,” to which the Congress president interrupted and asked for the student to call him ‘Rahul’ and not ‘Sir’. This request left the girl, named Azra, blushing and left the crowd in giggles.

Accepting Rahul’s request, she began with “Hi Rahul” which drew a big round of applause from the crowd.

She continued her question and laid emphasis on “Rahul” that got more cheers and applause from before.

Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday was in Tamil Nadu for a student interaction session, press conference and public rally in light of crucial 2019 general elections.

He also faced a moment of embarrassment when a girl asked him a pointed question on Robert Vadra, in relation to corruption. A stumped Rahul, took a few seconds before he replied that the law applies equally to all.

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