Keeping in view of the upcoming elections, the Election Commission is utilizing the technology to eliminate obstacles in the electoral process. In this regard, several applications and software have been made available.

Some of them include Naa Vote, Samadhan, cVigil, Sugam, Suvidha. Voters can complain online via these apps regarding any deficiencies in the election.

There is a need for voters to be aware of their respective affiliates in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Here are the election apps, the voters can make use of:

Naa Vote -

If you enter your details in the Voter Search option of the app, the voter ID is displayed including the details of the constituency, name and polling station. The app also provides information regarding the election schedule and the number of candidates contesting in the election.

Also, you can learn the details of the volunteers and the possible route or traveling options to go to a polling station.

Enter the Epic Number in the Search option and the route is shown. For the disabled, vehicles can also be availed.

Voter service portal -

National Voter Service Portal has been made available for voting. One can register their votes from their home and can also learn the status of your vote in the app.

After the confirmation from the authorities, you can avail the identity card from the service portal which reduces the effort of visiting offices to get your vote registered.


During the elections, the voters can clear their doubts at the RDO and collector's office through toll-free number 1950, e-mail, fax, SMS and postal mails. From now on, smartphones can be utilized to dispel doubts.

On the smartphone, you can download the Samashan app and clear your doubts through the app. The Election Commission will be responding to the complaints.


In case of violation of election code, a complaint has to be filed directly to the authorities. The cVigil app provides the location to the Election Commission from where the violation has now occurred.

Using this app, one can even send images regarding the violations. Within minutes, the relevant authorities will have to take action, else they will be held responsible.


This app is a vehicle management system with the facility of Issuance of requisition letters for vehicles including vehicle details with address, mobile numbers and bank details of the owners and the drivers, transfer of vehicles from one district to another district during the election campaigning.

Voter Verifiable Audit Trial-

It is available for transparency in elections. The software is called VVPAT and is located next to EVM. Once you submit the vote, it appears on the VVPAT screen for seven seconds. The voter can determine their vote eliminating the option of vote tampering.

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