IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who returned to India to a hero's welcome after being held captive by Pakistan after the aircraft the pilot was flying fell into PoK. The country released a video of the wing commander as proof of him being in their custody.

A huge drama ensued with virtual war between netizens of both the countries, with the electronic media jumping in. Even as tension was brewing, diplomatic talks followed with world powers advising the arch rivals against a war situation.

Then Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announced in the Parliament that the Indian Air Force pilot would be handed over via Wagah border declining India's request to send him by air. Just before releasing him, Pakistan forced Abhinandan to record a propaganda video.

After much suspense and dilly-dallying which was being attributed to paperwork, Abhinandan Varthaman, with his head held high, walked over to the Indian side of the Wagah border to roaring cheers even as Jai Hind slogans rent the air.

Now that he is home, Abhinandan cannot straight away join his duties. When an officer returns from the enemy territory, irrespective of his loyalty and years of service, he is put through a series of tests.

Here are tests that Abhinandan must undergo before he assumes duty. Here is the protocol that IAF will follow before inducting Abhinandan back into their fold.

Thorough medical checkup

wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman will undergo a thorough medical check up which will take into account the fact that he had sustained back injuries while ejecting from the Bison MiG 21 aircraft which crashed in PoK. apart from likely injuries he would have sustained, medical test will look closely at possible signs of physical torture caused by Pakistani authorities. He will be thoroughly scrutinized medically to see if any bug has been implanted in his body.

Assessment of psychological status

The IAF officer will also be evaluated for emotional stress that he had undergone in captivity and the extent of psychological damage caused to him by the trauma he would have suffered.

Debriefing by RAW/military intelligence

RAW and military intelligence authorities will debrief wing commander Abinandan Varthaman to assess the extent of information which he has passed on to the enemy. This is necessary in order to out counter measures in place.

Fitness levels to resume duty

Following the receipt of all reports, the IAF will then determine whether Abhinandan is fit to resume duty and will accordingly decide on the time. It will also decide whether he has to be assigned duties of a fighter pilot once again or be given those of a transport plane commander.

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