Rs 25 Lakh Fine For False Molestation Case

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Mumbai: A women entrepreneur and her husband from Haryana were slapped with a fine of Rs 25 lakh by the Bombay High Court for threatening to file a fake rape case by ill-using the gender protection laws.

Neha Gandhir, the owner of Feel Good (India) Company, based in Haryana was involved in a trademark infringement fight against Sapat a Mumbai-bound entity, which filed a case against Feel Good company for infringing on their trademark name for a cough syrup.

The High Court convicted Neha's Feel Good company for infringing the copyright on 21 December 2018, and directed a court receiver to seize goods from the concerned factories.

Meanwhile, when the court receiver turned up to seize the goods as per the Court orders, she objected them to follow their duty and even threatened that she will register a molestation case against them. However, the Court noticed that Neha Gadhir was making a false claim against the court receiver, and levied a huge fine on her.

While the hearing was in progression, Justice S Kathawalla remarked that, "Time and again, it is noted with distress, that a socially enabling piece of legislation, is being grossly misused with impunity, by the very gender for whose empowerment it has been enacted, leaving the male/s facing grossly wrong and derogatory charges, which they have to thereafter defend themselves against. Such gross and patent misuse of a socially enabling piece of legislation has to be sternly condemned by the Courts and dealt with a very stern hand."

On 11 January the women entrepreneur had been ordered to pay the fine in three parts by February 28, 2019. Interestingly out of the fine Rs 20,00,000 is to be donated to Tata Memorial hospital and the complainant gets Rs 5,00,000.

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