PM Modi Waves at ‘Empty’ Dal Lake in Srinagar

PM Narendra Modi doing the wave - Sakshi Post

Srinagar: A Video of PM Narendra Modi In Srinagar has gone viral, wherein the PM on the Dal lake, in a boat is waving out, to we don’t know who. People would generally assume that there were people on the other side of the frame. So this would look like a normal wave to anyone else, but not to the residents of Srinagar.

The PM's visit had brought a pause to a lot of establishments and shops on the way to the Dal Lake. The place had been sealed off and phone lines were jammed along with Internet signals.

The people of Srinagar know that there wase no one for PM Modi to wave at, as there were strict security measures taken and the place was sealed off for any visitors, Not to mention the Dal lake is huge, and there is no way anyone saw him or vice-versa. That has left people wondering who the wave was meant for.

The video was uploaded on BJP’s twitter handle.

Take a look at the video and some of the reactions of Twitterati:

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