Dog Saves Doctor’s Life In Pune

Ramesh Sancheti with his dog, Brownie - Sakshi Post

Pune: In a brave instance shown by a dog, a man's life was saved.

A Pune-based doctor, Ramesh Sancheti's life got saved, thanks to his dog, 'Brownie'. In a sudden turn of events, the 65-year-old doctor suffered a partial paralytic attack, followed by a minor cardiac arrest on January 23.

The doctor's neighbour Amit Shah had approached Brownie around 12.30 pm that day to feed her, but she refused to have lunch and kept walking to his owner's bedroom window.

Confused by Brownie's behaviour, the neighbour went to check the window, from which he noticed that Ramesh Sancheti had collapsed on the floor.

He immediately broke open the door and rushed the doctor to the hospital.

Sancheti's family had been away at the time of the incident.

Speaking in this regard, Mr Shah said, "Brownie alerted me at the right time. If Ramesh is alive today, it is only because of Brownie."

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