Bengaluru Lady Constable Breastfeeds Abandoned Baby, Saves Life

Lady constable Sangeetha breastfeeding the baby - Sakshi Post

Bengaluru: Lady constable breastfed a newborn baby and saved the baby from starving to death. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, a newborn baby girl was left on the road by unknown people, in Yelahanka. The baby started crying out of hunger and the cold weather. Locals, who heard the baby cry, informed the police of Vidyaranyapuram about the destitute baby, but the police clarified that the area is not under their jurisdiction. They referred the case to the Yelahanka police station.

Yelahanka police reached the spot to rescue the baby, and Sangeetha S Halimani was a lady constable in the police team. Being a mother of a 10-month-old girl baby herself, Sangeetha breastfed the baby, who was crying incessantly. Later police from the Yelahanka station shifted the baby to the Yelahanka Government hospital and later to Vani Vilas hospital. Doctors confirmed that the baby was healthy and can be handed over to the Child Welfare Department officials.

Sangeeta was praised by the doctors for feeding the baby in time and saving the infant's life. DCP Kalakrishna Swamy and other senior police officials also lauded the gesture of lady constable Sangeetha.

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