Amazon Adds Coconut Shells To Shopping Cart, Indian Consumers Stunned

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Amazon the giant e-commerce website from the USA has developed their base in the country by offering sundry items and making life easy for the people. But this time Amazon hit the headlines for the bizarre reason of adding coconut shell to their product list.

This product came to light with users of social media trolling it online. Another apparent reason which added to the buzz was the price of the product, which is a whopping Rs 3000 per piece. In another instance last week a humble egg was seen trending on social media.

To quote a high price to an article, a tag claiming it is natural or organic is added by the makers or vendors. The sellers of this product the “Natural Coconut Shell Cup”, which is a semi-circular bowl, have done the same.

The vendors of this product Century Novelty gave a caution note on their e-commerce site that as it is a natural shell, it may have cracks, dents, and imperfections.

The sellers of this product are even offering a discount and the price of the coconut shell post the discount would be Rs 1365, whereas the actual price quoted by the site is Rs 3,000. Another interesting thing is that an EMI option is there for those who want to pay in installments.

Looking at the product price and description, people are left in shock, as they are used to buying a coconut for less than Rs 40. The vendors of the product have even given an instance where the shell can be used, it read,” “Spice up the Luau Party with Tropical Tableware! Since no luau party is complete until everything is Hawaiian, don’t forget the coconut cups! You can use the Hawaiian coconut cup for serving tropical drinks or as a luau table decoration, be creative!”. The shells are also trending on another social media platform Instagram under the name of #coconutshells.

Amazon was previously trolled by the netizens when they tried selling cow dung cakes on their platform in the past.

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