Goa Couple Asks Wedding Guests To Donate Eyes

Saieesh Shenvi Karpurakar and  Trupti Asolkar - Sakshi Post

Goa: Couples getting married give out marriage invitations seeking the blessings of the people. But breaking the stereotypes a couple from Goa had asked the guests attending the wedding ceremony to register for eye donation. Trupti Asolkar and Saieesh Shenvi Karpurakar both belong to the state of Goa. Saieesh, who is a businessman by profession and Trupti is a lecturer of Bio-Technology at the Goa University.

Both of them share a common interest in social service and wanted their wedding ceremony to be useful to others in need. They shared these thoughts with their respective families and got it approved. “ Be the light” is the title given to the idea by the couple. They have requested the guests to donate their eyes after death and give the light in the life of blind people. They are going to arrange a counter at their wedding hall by Rotary Eye bank.

The couple even faced criticism over this act with people saying that marriage is an auspicious event and it is not right to ask people to donate their eyes after death. But the bride replied to the comments and said, “we took this intiative to help blind people, some supported us, while others did not.” Later they explained to people who called it inauspicious that Goa has a population of 15 lakhs and that out of them only three thousand had registered to donate their eyes after death. She added, “we may not empower all the blind people but can help a few, which was accepted by them.” People from Rotary eye bank spoke to them. People got inspired by others, who accepted their initiative, she added.

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