Girl Punished For Breaking Sandpiper Eggs By Superstitious Locals, Rescued

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KOTA: A five-year-girl was rescued from becoming the victim of superstition by the authorities in the neighbouring Bundi district, an official said. The child had accidentally destroyed the eggs of the sand piper bird in her school premises on July 2.

According to the local beliefs, the bird is believed to be the messenger of rain and harming it or its eggs entails punishment.

The child's accidental damaging of the eggs led to the gathering of village elders who concluded that declaring her an outcast and disallowing her from entering her home for three days would be punishment commensurate to the sin.

The class one student was, however, allowed to stay in the front yard of her house. The girl's father could not tolerate the diktat and protested, an official said.

The ruckus created by him led to a result contrary to his expectations as the community 'panches' extended the girl's punishment duration to eleven days.

The matter came to the notice of local authorities and Hindoli Tehsildar Bhawana Singh and SHO Laxman Singh reached the village.

The girl was today found sitting on a cot and reading school books in the yard outside her home, Singh. She was not allowed inside the house but was taking food and attending school, her family said.

The officials sought to convince the community members to cancel the diktat but they insisted that penance had to be performed for the sin committed as it was an age-old social custom for them.

Senior community members were then told that their actions were not in consonance with the law.

When they were told it was against the law to force such punishment upon a minor, they agreed to revoke their diktat and abide by the rules of law, Singh said.

Asked if any action was initiated against community members, the Tehsildar said the police was investigating the matter and appropriate action would be taken if they were found guilty. SHO Laxman Singh said the matter was under investigation. (PTI)

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