Muslim Woman, Attacked For Running Cow Shelter, Appeals To PM For Help

Threats have become an everyday occurrence, says Mehrunisa Khan. - Sakshi Post

A Muslim woman from Madhya Pradesh, who was assaulted in Bhopal today for running a cow shelter, fears that her attackers might use acid next time. "They came prepared. They threatened to kill me. They tried to kidnap me. I am scared," she said.

Mehrunisa Khan, the state president for National Cow Service Corps in Madhya Pradesh, is being threatened not just by outsiders, but her family has also turned against her. She alleged that she was thrashed by her in-laws, who warned her against working towards the protection of cows. Her parents and daughter, too, have refused to support her, she says.

"They (the attackers) are threatening me on WhatsApp. They have sent me photographs of severed heads and said that one of those could be mine soon. Either kill me or save me," she said.

She has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for help.

"I was thrashed and abused by my in-laws for being associated with cow protection and for speaking against triple talaq. It has been four months since I filed a complaint, but the police aren't helping. They are calling it a 'family matter'. I appeal to the Chief Minister and Prime Minister to help me," she told news agency ANI.

Ms Khan runs a cow shelter in Neemuch, about 500 kms from her home. Threats have become an everyday occurrence. She lives in the gaushala (cow shelter) when she is on a visit and recently rented a room in Bhopal as she has nowhere to go, she said.

"From the day I joined this cause, I have been receiving death threats not just from outsiders but my own family as well. Even after moving away from them, they keep telling me to leave all this as it is bringing bad name to the family. I don't understand how working for animals who cannot even speak is ruining their reputation," she said.

However, nothing can stop her from working towards cow shelters and speaking her mind, she says.

Meanwhile, Madan Ojha, a retired teacher who helps Ms Khan run the cow shelter, said cow protection should not be turned into a communal issue.

"I hope that the shelter becomes an example for all those who want to spread hate. We don't feel any religious difference here since everyone is dedicated to a noble cause. Now that Mehrunisa madam has joined, I feel that this cow shelter will grow and become an example of peace for the whole country," he said.


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