Marital discord turned critical for medical professional Dr Santosh and his wife Surekha of Karnataka's Hubli. Both man and wife traded punches right in the police station, where they were brought for counseling. The incident occurred on Thursday.

After marrying Surekha, Santosh became romantically involved with another woman. After few months of courtship and live-in relationship, he married the other woman. However, he did not divorce Surekha. On coming to know about this Surekha lodged a complaint with the police. The police called the couple for counselling.

However, as Surekha and Santosh encountered one another, both began thrashing each other. She hit him with her footwear, while Santosh punched her in her back and shoulder. The police and the relatives had to move in and separate the clashing couple. Later, both lodged complaint against one another.

Meanwhile, the video of the couple fighting each other has made its way to the social media and has gone viral.