Suhasini Sceptical Over Kamal-Rajani Joining Hands

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CHENNAI: After Tamil star Rajinikanth stated that he was ready to work together with Kamal Haasan's Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) on Tuesday, this has sent political analysts into a tizzy in Tamil Nadu over this new development.

Recently, senior director and actor Vijay's father SA Chandrashekhar expressed his views that if both these actors join hands, it would lead to good results for Tamil Nadu.

Basing on his statement, a TV channel recently questioned Kamal Haasan's niece and actress Suhasini Maniratnam about the tie-up and the wish of director SA Chandrashekhar. She categorically stated that Rajinikanth and Kamal coming together and forging an alliance is everyone's wish and hope, but whether this wish will manifest or not is something we don't know yet,she said.

In another startling revelation, Suhasini said that Kamal Haasan was famously known for not staying in the same room even for five minutes with a person who has ideological differences with him.

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It is easy to hope, but for it to manifest is a bit difficult, she said. However, if they both can tide over this, then it would be good for Tamil Nadu as Kamal and Rajini are from the same background. She also said that both she and her father Charu Haasan were involved in the Rajinikanth's programs more than Kamal Haasan programs, which people found interesting ,she revealed. However, there is nothing better than seeing Kamal and Rajni coming together politically.

Speaking further,though their principles are different, Suhasini said that she would welcome whatever decision they make according to their ideologies. When asked whether it was possible for Kamal and Rajni to come together, she was quick to answer and said that Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan had never come together onscreen in Bollywood despite being friends. Giving clarity, she said that the logic was simple, it is always better to place two strong forces side by side, rather than together , that's when they will be stronger. Kamal and Rajani's political alliance is not only their wish, but also of the people of Tamil Nadu, she concluded.

Kamal Haasan is said to have made the offer first for a political tie-up with Rajinikanth. With Rajinikanth still in preparation mode to enter politics, people are of the opinion that both these friends working together in politics will bring good results in Tamil Nadu politics.

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