10 Things Modi Said About Gandhi In America

10 Things Modi Said About Gandhi In America - Sakshi Post

New York: During the inauguration of Gandhi Solar Park at the UN headquarters here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared few thoughts on Mahatma Gandhi. The programme was hosted by India on the occasion of Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary.

He spoke on "Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi in the Contemporary World". 10 key points that PM Modi made:

1. He said that even those who had never met Gandhiji were deeply influenced by his life and vision.

2. The foundation of beliefs was Gandhiji and his vision in the lives of some famous personalities like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela

3. Today democracy means, people would elect their government and expect the government to act according to them. But Gandhiji taught people to be sufficient and not depend on the government for everything and stressed on the real strength of democracy.

3. He motivated people and built an independent society.

4. Gandhiji had awakened the inner strength of people so that they could bring a change in themselves.

5. Today we are living in the era of 'How to Impress' but Gandhiji's vision was 'How to Inspire'. He never thought of creating influence among people through his life, but his life itself became the reason for inspiration among millions.

6. Whether it's climate change or terrorism, corruption or selfishness in public life, Gandhiji's ideals are the guiding light for us when it comes to protecting humanity.

7. Gandhiji's beliefs and ideals are the guiding light for us to become a better person especially when it comes to protecting humanity.

8. As long as Gandhiji's philosophy remains embedded in humanity, he will remain relevant and continue to inspire us

9. Even if the responsibility of the country's freedom struggle was not him, Gandhiji would have gone ahead with the fundamentals of independence and self-reliance.

10. "I believe that the path shown by Gandhiji will lead to a better world": Modi said.

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