Hyderabad: Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently posted on social media that the country should have a common language. “There are several languages in India and they have their own value, but it is important for the nation to have one language that it is identified by in the world. If there is one language that can unite the country, it’s Hindi,” Shah tweeted.

He said that the idea to have Hindi as a common language for the country as it is the most spoken language and it can reunite the whole nation. He also asked everyone to use their state language as much possible but also added that efforts will be made to expand Hindi's reach to different parts of the country.

Here's how Hyderabadis reacted to Amit Shah's 'One Nation, One Language' policy. Everybody expressed their opinion on this policy, few were supportive while others came out against it.

“It is very wrong to force a language on everybody. Every state has its own language and culture. Why should we speak Hindi then? There is no need for a common language," Venkat Reddy, resident of Hyderabad told a daily.

“It is being turned into a political agenda by the opposition and so is very controversial now. It goes against the idea of unity in diversity. Forced imposition of anything is never a good idea,” Shobha Rao, a resident of Begumpet said to the daily.

"It is not advisable to have one language for the whole country. All our States have their own specialty and have been formed on the basis of languages. Our country has never had a problem until today so what’s the need of forcing a language further,” K Anjaneyulu, a resident of Vanasthalipuram said to the daily.

On the other side, many Hyderabadis gave a positive nod about the unity of the nation.

"I like the idea proposed by Amit Shah as I feel it will integrate all of us. Just like we have uniforms in schools so nobody is different and we all know they belong to a particular school. Similarly, uniformity in language will also place all on the same platform. Obviously, back at home, we all have our own languages, but when we stand together as a nation, having a common language will connect us better,” Vaishnavi Sainath, a resident of Banjara hills spoke to the daily.

“It’s really nice that Amit Shah proposed this rule. It’s good if everyone knows a common language which will make communication easier. But, the move definitely needs the consent of many non-Hindi speaking States especially in South India without which I doubt if it will work out,” Rama Devi, a resident of Lingampally said to the daily.

There are many people who gave both the pros and cons of this policy.
“There are two ways to look at it. A positive side is that Hindi can be that one thread connecting all the pearls (states) bringing uniformity in diversity but on the flip side, compelling it down the throat of South Indian states is also not advisable,” Hari Haran, a resident of Marredpally said to the daily.

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