Owaisi Report Card For Modi 100 Days Rule

Owaisi Report Card For Modi 100 Days Rule - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi on Tuesday slammed the NDA government's performance in 100 days in office in its second term, vis--vis the decline in GDP, 'growing unemployment' and the crisis in the automobile industry.

"In 100 days, no internet in Kashmir for 35 days. No school opens. GDP has become five per cent in 100 days.

Unemployment has gone above six per cent in 100 days.

In 100 days, 10 lakh people in auto industry are going to be jobless. In 100 days, the number of vehicles that are sold, it has fallen by 20 to 30 per cent.

GST collection has fallen in 100 days...which 100 days are you praising?," he told reporters here when asked about the Modi government completing 100 days in office.

Owaisi, a bitter critic of the BJP and NDA government, found fault with the restrictions imposed in Jammu and Kashmir following the abrogation of Article 370.

"How are they dealing Kashmir? By NSA (National Security Adviser) saying that till Pakistan does this, we will not lift the curfew?... Don't fundamental rights apply to Kashmir and we will keep them behind their homes, imprisoned?

Shops are not being opened, schools are not being run properly. Muharram procession is not allowed. Normal activities are not taking place," Owaisi, a Lok Sabha member from Hyderabad, said.

He said this was why he had he had opposed in Parliament, the abrogation of Article 370

Owaisi said things have come to such a stage that a daughter of a former chief minister had to move the Supreme Court to meet her mother.

"This speaks volumes of what this government is doing in Kashmir," he said.

Asked about a former (Sikh) MLA in Pakistan reportedly seeking asylum in India, he said the Centre should take a decision on the matter.

"The asylum law presently says that on the basis of religious persecution, asylum can be given.

But here is a very peculiar case that this gentleman, he is an elected member of the Pakistan state assembly. He belongs to the ruling party of Pakistan. So how can he claim persecution?, he said.

He demanded that the Modi government sign the refugee convention act of 1951.

"India is not a signatory. Please sign it, he said.

On Pakistan reportedly submitting a dossier to UNHRC, quoting the statements of certain opposition leaders in India, Owaisi claimed he has information of a reference to Haryana Chief Minister and also a BJP MLA.

"Why don't you ask BJP about that? he asked.

Owaisi asserted that Kashmir is an integral part of India and that it would remain so.

Referring to the alleged mob lynching of Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand, Owaisi sought to know why Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not taking steps to enact a law against mob lynching if he was so pained by such incidents.

Owaisi said the AIMIMs Maharashtra unit would decide how many seats the party would contest in the coming assembly polls in that state. (PTI)

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