Astrologer’s Prediction On Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi 2019 Elections:What Do Stars, Numerology Indicate?

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What do astrologers and numerologists have to say about election results which are likely to be declared on 23rd May? Exit polls put out by all media houses and poll agencies predicted a decisive win for the Narendra Modi led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Some even forecast a total of over 300 seats for the BJP alone while others predicted such a tally for the NDA grouping. All of them painted a rather dismal picture for the United Progressive Alliance (UPA). Astrologers and numerologists however, have their own view on the subject.

According to Pandit Lokeshanand, 23rd May is an auspicious day for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and therefore, counting on this day would suit him. In terms of numerology, his lucky number five is the sum of 23 and as per his numerological chart, based on his date of birth, 17.09.1950, 5 is Modi’s lucky number. On this account, 23rd May would be favourable for PM Modi, he said. The astrologer and numerologist added that most of the exit poll figures would come true in terms of the majority for NDA.

Rahul Gandhi would find it favourable if counting were to take place on 24th May, according to the soothsayer. He also pointed out that if counting were to get prolonged and spill over to the 24th, the results would tilt to some extent, in favour of UPA and Rahul Gandhi.

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