Chandrababu’s Secret Parleys With RSS-BJP

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New Delhi: Andhra Pradesh chief minister and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, has been criticising the BJP and RSS from the time that his party quit the BJP-led NDA. Sources however, say that in recent times, Chandrababu has been striving secretly to build fences with the BJP. Speculation is rife in political circles that Chandrababu is reaching out to the BJP and Congress at the same time. It is being said that Chandrababu has been trying to impress upon top BJP leaders that he is not against the BJP, but only is antaganistic towards PM Modi.

Gadkari more acceptable

BJP sources say that that the TDP chief carried out parleys with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Shipping and Water Resources, Nitin Gadkari. Chandrababu is also reported to have met some RSS leaders to this effect. It is being suggested to the RSS leadershp that Gadkari would be more acceptable as prime minister than Narendra Modi.

The buzz is that it is after Chandrababu's suggestion that Nitin Gadkari made some eyebrow-raising remarks following the defeat of the BJP in three major states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh. It is being said that the RSS leadership quickly moved into damage control mode and is also said to have cautioned Gadkari on Chandrababu's crafty moves.

RSS cautions cadre on Chandrababu

The RSS leadership is said to have warned its leaders and cadre to be wary of Chandrababu Naidu. It is also said to have cautioned them against having any thing to do with him privately or publicly, in clear directions from the RSS headquarters in Nagpur. For a long time, the RSS has had a sense that things could go awry between the BJP and TDP. It is being said that the RSS leadership warned its cadre against the TDP chief's involvement because it could create needless tussles and clashes in the BJP.

Natural allies

It may be recalled that Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh described as a friend and ally even after the TDP had walked out of the NDA government after 4 years. It is learnt that Chandrababu initiated his secret parleys with Rajnath Singh and then reached out to Arun Jaitley. After these leaders expressed their helplessness, Chandrababu Naidu is said to have tried holding negotiations with RSS leaders and tried his steer his plot through Nitin Gadkari.

Chandrababu is learnt to have given an assurance that he would muster the required support for NDA if it falls short of numbers. The TDP chief is said to have held negotiations with a couple of RSS leaders. He is said to have assured them of his support in the post-election scenario.

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