Understanding Between TDP, BJP on No-Trust Vote Is Evident

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New Delhi: There is clear understanding between TDP and BJP on the no-trust vote placed by the former in Lok Sabha. On the very first day of Parliament's monsoon session, TDP MP Kesineni Srinivas gave notice to a no-confidence motion against NDA government and to everyone's surprise it was immediately admitted by Speaker Sumitra Mahajan. The date of discussion, that is, today was also announced. All these leads us to the point that there is an understanding between the two parties and they were operating as per a plan.

On the other hand NDA government was apprehensive that the Congress party and Left parties would use this opportunity to raise several key issues which include several rapes and lynchings in the country and these might come up for discussion. NDA is not comfortable to handle these issued at the moment.

If only the Congress and other parties manage to raise key issues that are haunting the country, then NDA would be forced to take a back step and give explanations for their failures. This was the reason the BJP had prepared TDP on the topics to be raised for discussion, say political analysts. It is learnt BJP was trying to use this opportunity to blame Congress because the entire discussion would be centred around state bifurcation and Special Category Status (SCS) to AP. Moreover the state bifurcation happened during UPA government.

NDA government had sensed that issues like demonetisation, GST, elections promises not fulfilled by BJP, atrocities in the name of cow vigilance, unemployment problem, no progress in bringing back black money, bank frauds and lack of security to women would come up for discussion. BJP was not interested in offering explanations for all these failures. So they have raked up TDP to restrict the discussion only to state bifurcation and SCS to AP.

TDP was not completely happy with the no-confidence motion. Having been with NDA for four years and enjoyed the power while accepting all the decisions made by the central government, placing a no-trust vote in Parliament now might boomerang for the party among the public. The TDP believes that this might have a cascading effect on the party's image. It is learnt that AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was angry over some senior MPs who advised against the leadership against the no-trust vote. And this was the reason senior MPs like Thota Narasimham and Konakalla Narayana Rao were set aside while juniors like Galla Jayadev and K Rammohan Naidu were instructed to step up and participate in the discussions.

Just as TDP MP Kesineni Srinivas placed the no-confidence motion online, Congress party also did the same. While admitting the motion, Sumitra Mahajan named the TDP's notice while ignoring Congress. Even though Mallikarjuna Kharge questioned this decision, the Speaker politely brushed it aside, citing House rules.

The political analysts said that these incident make it evident that Chandrababu continues his friendship with BJP. The analysts believed that the government was trying to close the discussion at the start so that the no-trust vote discussion would be in it control.

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