Naidu's 'run-of-the-mill' story

Naidu's 'run-of-the-mill' story - Sakshi Post

This is the story of a sugar mill at Paleru in Khamam district. The mill provided jobs to thousands of people and helped many families to meet their daily expenses. The mill still exists, but things are not the same anymore. The families who depended on the mill for their income are in miserable state now. This has been the situation for the last few years and localities allege that nobody has bothered to check on them till date.

This information came to light yesterday when Sharmila interacted with the villagers during her rachabanda programme at Paleru in Khammam.

"We sold our land and jewellery to invest on the mill. But Chandrababu Naidu has sold the mill without even telling us. At the time of the mill's sale, our share value was Rs. 3 crores. The mill provided us food for 20 years. We thought it would be a good option for our kids too. Like a vulture comes and takes away a bird, our mill has been snatched away from us," echoed the farmers in Khammam district. The natives of Khammam shared their woes with the YSRCP leaders and explained to her the hardships faced by them.

The mill was set up in partnership with the government between Rajeswarapuram and Ammagudem in the year 1976. Thanks to the TDP chief, the mill illegally went into the hands of Nama Nageswara Rao. This, without giving a penny to the farmers who had a stake in the mill.
The farmers alleged that Naidu had sold the mill to his follower Nama Nageswara Rao at a throwaway price leaving the dependent families to fend for themselves.

After lending them a patient ear, Sharmila spit fire at the TDP chief saying "After luring farmers with the promise of making them shareholders, the factory was swallowed without guilt. The company which was worth crores of rupees was sold for a mere Rs 9 crore without the knowledge of farmers. Today the mill is worth several hundred crores."

Consoling the helpless villagers who had gathered at rachabanda meeting in huge numbers, Sharmila said: "Anna, you have lost so much—capital of the share invested in the factory. You have also been denied the dividend. Hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. Naidu and Rao will certainly pay for their sins."

She also assured the farmers that once YS Jagan is back, he will check the irregularities and give back the company to iust rightful owners (farmers). "If required, Jagan and I will go to the court to get justice for you," she said.
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