'Naidu is more of publicity, less on deeds'

'Naidu is more of publicity, less on deeds' - Sakshi Post

Finding fault with the reports that Chandrababu Naidu would convert the capital region into a mini-Japan as numerous foreign investors are in queue to set up shop in the proposed capital, YSR Congress has said it is an old tune the Chief Minister has been singing which is magnanimous in publicity and an iota in deeds.

“The reports quoting Chief Minister that 250 companies from Japan are ready to invest in the capital region and some more would visiting the State soon for investments which would give employment to over 5 lakh people is a very old tune of Chandrababu Naidu.

While he was Chief Minister, he gave a pompous publicity that thousands of crores would come in as investment in to the State, held five partnership summits, went to Davos on seven occasions and at the end it was just 2 per cent of what he announced that had come in as It is the same old tune, he has been singing now again. He lacks faith in the local entrepreneurs and is always inclined towards foreign industrialists and it seems this could a ploy to cover-up the shady deals, he said and took objection to the reported statement of Japanese minister that the per capita income of the people of the state would be doubled in five years time.

“We need not be so heavily dependent on foreign countries and allow them to spell out our economic agenda. Chandrababu Naidu should instead see ground realities and chalk out plans as per the local conditions and aspirations instead of foreign mania,” he said.

Creation of employment is a far cry, Chandrababu Naidu should first keep up his promise of regularising the 40,000 contract employees and issue notification for Group I and Group II services. He has no intention of providing employment opportunities as he did not set up a

Service Commission so far, he said and demanded that it is better for the Chief Minister to encourage local industrialists and shed his foreign fondness. 

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