Naidu is known for fixing deals

Naidu is known for fixing deals - Sakshi Post

"Rajasekhar Reddy is synonymous with progress in the state. But Chandrababu Naidu is notorious for conspiracies and fixing deals," said YSR Congress Party MLA Srikanth Reddy.

Speaking to the media at the party office in Hyderabad,  the YSRCP MLA asked what was the reason behind his sudden attack on minister Dharmana Prasada Rao. He asked as to what made him suddenly demand the removal of tainted ministers. Naidu was running the show under the direction of the Congress High Command, he added.

Naidu already has a secret deal with Finance Minister Chidambaram, yet he's behaving as if he's favoring the public by attacking the tainted ministers. Srikanth Reddy claimed to have enough evidence to substantiate his statements.

There's clear indication that TDP and Congress have joined hands. Their behaviour is obvious enough to show that they are betraying the public. The YSRCP MLA demanded apologies to the people from both the parties. He advised Naidu to admit TDP nexus with Congress.


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