Naga Shaurya Positive Chalo Will Get Him More Offers  

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Naga Shaurya is one of the latest Tollywood sensations. His movie, Chalo is getting released on February 2. In a freewheeling chat with Manasa Pavuluri of Sakshi Post, the actor spoke at length character and what to expect in the film.

1. Tell us something about your role in Chalo?

My name is Hari in the film and I relate to the character as I've seen shades of my personality in the character. He is a touch aggressive and forthcoming. He's quite open when it comes to expressing his emotions whether they are related to love or anger.

2. So, the role didn't pose a challenge because you could relate to it, right ?

I had an easy time, but I must admit that I did experience some difficulty doing romantic scenes (laughs).

3. As an actor, how different do you think this is, from your previous movies?

I have to say that it's completely different from the 12 movies I had done earlier. Each and every scene has been worked out in great detail. All the nuances and finer points have been meticulously crafted.

4. Your experience with Rashmika Mandana...

I felt very comfortable working with her; she's a down-to-earth and a very hard-working girl. She has a great future, I'm sure.

5. What next after Chalo?

I'll be starring in an interesting love story.

6. Your comments against Sai Pallavi have raised a storm. What's your take on this?

I haven't commented on Sai Pallavi and only stated from experience. Many are of the view that this is negative publicity done to promote my movie. By the way, I don't need her name to promote my film. So no comments.

7. What is it about Chalo that appealed to you?

I felt satisfied doing this movie and moreover, my parents were the producers--that made it even more special for me. I expect better offers to come my way after the release of this film.

8. Who do you look up to in Tollywood?

Nagarjuna garu. He is quite handsome.

9. Any directors you want to work with?

Obviously Rajamouli, Gautam Menon and Karunakaran. They are my favourite directors.

10. Is there a film where you think you would have done better than the hero?


11. You were a Tennis player before. How did you get into acting?

I call it destiny. Yes, I was a national player but then came to the film industry to try my hand at direction, but then ended up as an actor.

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