There is limit to shamelessness; Modi tells AAP

There is limit to shamelessness; Modi tells AAP - Sakshi Post

New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday mounted a shrill attack on AAP over allegations of the party receiving dubious donations, saying it has exposed its claim of being more honest than others and questioned whether AAP can run Delhi with dishonesty and lies.

In an election rally, Modi also had a swipe at Congress leaders Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, calling them Maa-beta, and said nobody was listening to them except when they make statements against him. While big and old Congress has ruined the city during its 15 years of regime, the temporary party (i.e AAP), which is new and small, destroyed it for one year, the Prime Minister said, adding it was BJP's responsibility to repair the damage. "Can Delhi be run through dishonesty and lies.
Cleverness does not take you very far. We have given test of fire to be where we are",the Prime Minister said, adding that his party would make the national capital standout on the world scene if voted to power. The Arvind Kejriwal's organisation levelled all sorts of allegations of corruption against BJP and Congress but now truth has come out.
"Hathi ke dant dekhane ke aur khane ke aur (what you see is not necessarily true). There is a limit to shamelessness," he said.
People have talked about black money but this is the first time we have heard about wrong deeds in the middle of the night...You have betrayed people's trust, Modi said, in a reference to the allegation by a AAP break-away group that four donations of Rs 50 lakh each were remitted to the account of AAP from four different dubious companies on the midnight of April 15 last.
Taking a dig at AAP, he further said it was strange that very party which used to keep details of Swiss banks accounts of others, strangely had no idea about its own donors.

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