Lakshmi’s NTR Review: RGV Tears Into Backstabber Babu In This True Biopic

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Telugu movie Lakshmi's NTR, based on a chapter from the life of late Telugu actor-turned-politician Nt Rama Rao hit theatres worldwide today except Andhra Pradesh owing to a stay order from the court against releasing the movie till after elections. The movie deals with the challenges faced by NTR's second wife Lakshmi Parvathi after their marriage and the political turmoil that followed. The film also explored the beautiful relationship NTR shared with Lakshmi Parvathi and the humilation she faced from the former's family thereafter. RGV vowed to show how NTR's son-in-law Chandrababu backstabbed him for the sake of power. Now, does the film live up to the expectations of the audience? Does Ram Gopal Varma succeed in doing that? Let's find out.

Lakshmi's NTR Plot: Lakshmi's NTR is not a fictitious account, it's a true story based on the late politician's life which is common knowledge. Way back in 1989, NTR gets lonely after TDP leaders desert him and he not only faces the threat of losing control over his party, thanks to his son-in-law but also feels a void in his life. That's the point Lakshmi Parvathi played by Yagna Shetty enters his life expressing her desire to pen his biography. NTR, who learns of her educational background gives his nod for her to write his life story. Only few days after she enters his life, there's a propaganda on NTR's relationship with Lakshmi Parvathi To put rumours to rest, NTR announces at a film event that he was going to marry Parvathi. It is then that NTR's son-in-law uses the media to launch a slander campaign against Lakshmi Parvathi. Yet, NTR comes to power with a thumping majority after doing a joint campaign with his wife in 1994. The events post the episode, the conspiracies hatched by Chandrababu to go against NTR and how Chandrababu backstabs his father-in-law to grab the CM chair by threatening his family members forms the crux of the story.

Lakshmi's NTR Review:

RGV has chosen all newbies to play roles in his movie. Particularly, Vijaykumar who plays NTR is from a theatre background. RGV's decision to elevate his star value is commendable. In turn, Vijaykumar doesn't let down RGV's trust in his talent as he delivers a spellbinding performing as the senior NTR. Be it aping NTR's mannerisms or even delivering dialogues in his style, Vijaykumar has performs his role to the T. The performance of Yagna Shetty, who plays another key role in the movie is another major highlight in the movie. Yagna portrays a range of emotions from pure love, innocence, pain and humiliation to perfection. Sri Teja who plays Babu Rao has lived the character. His role as a cunning conspirator stands out in the movie. Even the others who play supporting cast have paid justice to their respective characters.

Lakshmi's NTR Analysis: RGV, who had vowed to tell the true story of NTR to the audience has achieved his goal. How did NTR get lonely? When did he get close to Lakshmi Parvathi? What are the challenges faced by the duo after they fell in love? What kind of conspiracy did the NTR family hatch to humiliate Lakshmi Parvathi? Who are the key conspirators behind this? Finally, what led to the demise of NTR and how backstabbing killed him and who's the main culprit behind the act? The movie answers all these questions. Lakshmi's NTR bears Ram Gopal Varma's mark in every scene.

The scenes between Lakshmi and NTR are the highlights in the movie. Even though a few scenes seem dragged, you wouldn't mind once you get drawn to the real story. RGV's first victory comes from his choice of characters to play the roles. Kalyan Malik who has score the music for the film manages to create the needed effect to every scene which also is a huge plus for the story. Editing, Cinematography too stand out.



Lead actors

Emotional scenes



A few scenes are slow paced

Verdict: Lakshmi's NTR bears Ram Gopal varma trademark in every scene. The filmmaker is back. This is the true story of NTR and can be called his real biopic. Go watch it.

Lakshmi's NTR Rating: 4/5

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