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Dhanush Maari 2 Review: Maari 2 is all set to hit theatres on December 21. The film featuring Kollywood actor Dhanush and Sai Pallavi is a sequel to the blockbuster hit by the same name which released way back in the year 2015. The sequel is directed by Balaji Mohan who directed the first part of the film too. Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas too is seen in a crucial role. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Vidhya and Unni Mukundan will be seen in key roles.

Maari 2 is a war between Badass Beeja who would go to any extent to get even with the protagonist. How does the hero handle him? Watch the film to find out.

Maari 2 plot: Hardened criminal, Beeja believes he's the force of destruction. Enter gangster Maari who takes on Beeja with all his might. There begins the Good Vs Evil story. If Maari 2 story sounds like routine stuff and doesn't excite you much. Read on the full review before you write this off as another old wine in a new bottle film.

Maari 2 Movie Review

Balaji Mohan is back with his favourite character—Maari. But has he managed to build a powerful role for Dhanush this time around? We will soon find out...

The first half contains enough elements to keep the audience engaged. Dhanush steals the show as Maari while Beeja too stands out as an intelligent villain. Wait, we are not done yet. There's more on offer in the package. Yes, you guessed it right! Sai Pallavi, as anandhi plays her role to the T. She shines as a female auto driver and is a pure delight to watch. She's her usual peppy, cheerful self and manages to entertain the audience.

So, the hero is not just Dhanush but also a strong female character—Sai Pallavi who has done a splendid job of delivering a spellbound performance. However, Varalaxmi is wasted! Despite the punch dialogues and larger than life characters shown in the first half, the film fails, miserably at that, in the second half. Maari 2 loses steam as the two most powerful characters are weakened in the end to make it appealing to the masses. However, the audience has loved Maari with all his flaws and may not like to accept his tranformed personality.

Verdict: Maari 2 is strictly for Dhanush fans.

The US premieres of Maari 2 were held sometime back. Here's what the audience response to the movie is....

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