Hey Pillagada, the Telugu version of the Malayalam hit Kali hit theatres today. The film features Dulquer Salman of OK Bangaram fame opposite Sai Pallavi of Fidaa fame in lead roles. Before we tell you more about the fil, let's have a look at the production crew.

Director: Sameer Thahir

Music director: Gopi Sundar

Cinematography: Girish Gangadharan

Plot: Siddharth is a man with temper tantrums which hardly seems to be under his control ever. He always gets into problems because of this attitude. But thankfully he's married to Anjali, an easy to please girl soon after college. But mere love won't help if things go out of control. Watch the movie to find out how relationships are all about give and take and requires the efforts of both partners to make it work.



Lead couple's chemistry

Dulquer-Sai Pallavi's performances

Light hearted scenes



Repeat scenes at places


Pace of movie post interval

Verdict: Hey Pillagada greatly banks on the title itself which is borrowed from lead actress Sai Pallavi's film Fidaa. The film is a breeze till a point and drives home a good message that love doesn't conquer all at the end of the day. Watch it for Dulquer and Sai Pallavi. They are a treat to Watch.

Rating: 3/5