Movie Review: S3 (Yamudu 3)

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Title: S3 (Yamudu 3)

Genre: Action Drama

Cast: Surya, Anushka, Shruthi Haasan, Thakur Anup Singh, Sarat Saxena.

Music: Harris Jairaj

Director: Hari

Producer: Gnanavel Raja

This is the third of the Singham trilogy of Surya. Surya's action packed histrionics and fiery dialogues created an aura for Singham series. But, the third Singham had to overcome several delays, postponements and other problems before its release.


The film is about a duty-minded cop probing the death of a commissioner in Karnataka. He is appointed by the CBI to unravel the murder. During the course of his investigation, he gets pally with MS Reddy (Sharat Saxena) to ferret out information. Investigative journalist Agni aka Vidya (Shruthi Haasan) mistakes this and writes a negative story against Narasimham, the cop (Suriya). In the meanwhile, Narasimham realises that there is some powerful persons behind the sordid murder. The probe leads him to Vithal Prasad (Thakur Anup Singh), who is son of Ram Prasad (Suman).

Vithal is ensconced in Australia and is involved in scrap business.

How the cop gets Vithal into India and how he manages to arrest him forms the story of the film.


Suriya dominates the film with his power-packed performance. He converts the film into a one-man show. Anushka acts as his wife, but disappoints audience as she looks quite plump. Shruthi Haasan does a neat job. Thakur Anup Singh wows with his stylish performance. The other actors do justice to their roles.


The director etched the role of a highly energetic cop very well. The director takes creative liberties and leaves logic aside. But, he ensures that the pace doesn't lag. One negative factor is the cinema's length and music by Harris Jairaj fails to impress. The other departments are impressive.

Plus Points:



Action sequences

Negative Points


Cinema's length.


Singham still rocks.

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