Movie Review: Bhetaludu

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Genre: Psychological thriller

Cast: Vijay Antony, Arundhati Nair, Charu Haasan, Meera Krishnan.

Music: Vijay Antony

Director: Pradeep Krishna Murthy

Producer: Fathima Vijay Antony

Bichagadu of yesterday is today's Bhetaludu. Yes, we are talking of Vijay Antony, the music director-turned-hero, who is known for choosing novel roles. Bichagadu did extremely well and broke lot of records. Will Bhetaludu stand in the same league as that of Bichagadu? Let's see.


The film is about clever software techie Dinesh (Vijay). He marries Aishwarya (Arundhati Nair) through a matrimony website. Soon, he begins to get haunted by strange feelings. He starts behaving in a wierd manner. He tells everyone that Jayalakshmi is trying to kill him.

A psychiatrist tells him that he was a conscintious person called Sharma in his previous birth. He finds his colleague Jayalakshmi is pally with his adopted son Gopalam. He marries Jayalakshmi, but Jayalakshmi gets closer to colleague Nataraj. During this period Jayalakshmi gives birth to a baby. The boy accidentally dies in the hands of Sharma. Blaming him for the death, Jayalakshmi and Nataraj kill Gopalam and Sharma.

After knowing his past, another shock awaits Dinesh. His wife Aishwarya leaves him. Where does she go? What is Aishwarya's link with Jayalakshmi? Does Sharma take revenge on Jayalakshmi? What becomes of Jayalakshmi? This is the story like.


Vijay Antony proves he is a master in showing a wide range of emotions. He successfully presents variations between Dinesh and Bhetaludu. The film is literally a one-man show, but Vijay does it with aplomb. Heroine Arundhati Nair is good. The other actors did justice to their roles.


Technically, director Pradeep Krishnamurtho does a neat job. After a dll first 20 minutes, he comes into his own and does a good job. At some places, there is lack of clarity. The music by Vijay Antony is good. The background score is excellent.

Plus Points

  • Story
  • Vijay's action
  • Background score

Minus Points

  • Slow narration
  • Climax
  • Absence of commercial elements.


A psychological thriller that is sure to be liked by those who like this kind of movies.

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