Movie Review: 100 Days of Love

Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen in a still - Sakshi Post

Film: 100 Days of Love

Director: Jenuse Mohamed

Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen

Music: Govind Menon

Producer: S. Venkata Ratnam

Malayalam rom-com ‘100 Days of Love’ has been dubbed in Telugu to cash in on the popularity of the on-screen couple Dulquer and Nithya. The Malayalam flick, which released in 2015 has raked in moolah but has the movie been successful in weaving the magic for Telugu audience. Let’s get into crux to find out.


Rao Gopal Rao (Dulquer) is a feature writer who encounters Savitri (Nithya) by chance in a taxi and gets smitten by her beauty.

The narration goes as to how Gopal goes through the impediments to find Savitri. Finally, when he gets all set to propose to her, the director comes up with a new twist. Gopal comes to know that Savitri is none other than his old schoolmate whom he hated all through and the other twist that she is already engaged.

The story is about how Gopal overcomes his reluctance over Savitri and how he makes her fall for him.


The movie is set in Bengaluru and the director presents urban milieu and culture. But what the director finally churns out is an old wine in a new bottle.

The story is very predictable with no novelty except the freshness of lead pair -Dulquer and Nithya - who lift up the movie with their stunning performances.

The first half of the narration is slow as it only shows hero finding his lady love, except for few comic scenes here and there.

Performance by other actors such as Aju Varghese, fiance of savitri is OK. The dubbing part too is not up to the mark. Music is flat, but visuals are aesthetic.


A routine story where hero falls for heroine and how the two souls unite. Nothing extraordinary. Can only be watched for Dulquer and Nithya

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