Mother’s liver transplanted to son, both are safe 

Two-year-old Mahasen Datta underwent surgery at Yashoda Hospital - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Two infants were resurrected with life after undergoing a successful liver transplantation in the city. In the first case, mother of two-year-old Mahasen Datta volunteered to be the liver donor for her son and her timely act saved the boy.

A team of experts led by Dr P Balachandran Menon,chief transplant surgeon at Yashoda Hospital performed the surgery who used a portion of the liver donated by Mahasen’s mother Manasa.

Dr Menon said that the infants entire liver was damaged, hence transplantation was the only option left, adding that the had not the mother volunteered for being a liver donor the infant would have survived only for two to three months.

In another case, a team of experts led by Tom Cherian at Care hospital performed a rare cadaveric split liver transplantation on 22-month-old T Manogna.

Addressing the severity of Manogna,Cherian said, “The reason for the liver failure was a birth defect. Before she came to see us she had been admitted into ICU twice in her short life and each time, she had a risk of death.”

The cadaveric liver transplantation done on Manogna was of a 26-year-old donor which was availed under Jeevandan programme. The cardiac liver was split and shared with two patients, however Manogna’s operation was successful, other patient a 50-year-old man died after 20 days post surgery.

Interestingly, the little infants were discharged from their respective hospitals on the same day falling on June 8.

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